Friday, February 6, 2015


The fashion world is having one of its most confused fashion moments. John Galliano, the designer fired three years ago by Dior after two public anti-semitic rants, has been hired as creative director of Maison Martin Margiela. Renzo Rosse, President of OTB- Only The Brave, the holding company which owns Margiela as well as brands such as Viktor and Rolf, Diesel- is quoted in Womenswear Daily stating “Margiela is ready for a new charismatic creative soul…..John Galliano is one of the greatest, undisputed talents of all time- a unique, exceptional couturier for a maison that always challenged and innovated the world of fashion.”
The above are undoubtedly true but Galliano’s three decades of creation have been rocky, including penury, bankruptcy and much controversy. His return has struck a lot of nerves and the people’s opinions aren’t merely divided, they are fractured.Personally, I believe he should be given a second chance and part of the fashion world agrees with me, nobody is perfect. Remember Kate Moss, a friend, who commissioned her wedding dress from Galliano, was caught snorting cocaine in 2005, some of her lucrative contracts were cancelled, but after a brief period in rehab, she ended up making more money than she did before the offence.
Galliano’s crazy expressions of hatred, in October 2010 and February 2011, were shocking not for just the words but also from the fact that they came from his mouth, even I, a die-hard 'stan', was highly disappointed. Long credited with genius, he was at the top of his profession, admired, pampered, indulged and much loved. Through it all, though, Galliano was a man who earned respect not just for his talent but also for his character. As a designer, he had total integrity; his work, based on rigorous research, was always original, beautiful and witty all of which are the reasons why he still remains my role model  
In my opinion, Galliano is a force in fashion, without him, things fall apart. If you think I’m being an obsessive fan, haven’t you noticed that this season’s fashion shows have reached a new LOW?!! A genius such as Galliano is much needed.
Some insiders muttered that Galliano’s appointment was a provocative publicity coup designed to resuscitate interest in a dull brand than never had more than a minority appeal. I don’t care about all these hateful remarks, but what interests me about his appointment is that Galliano and Margiela are interested in the possibilities of what one can do with fabric. Both understand the drama of high fashion.
For some, his crime beyond forgiveness; for others, he has served his time as an outcast and should be given a second chance. However, I welcome him back because he’s remarkable talent whose career-back catalogue- celebrating all cultures and ethnicities without prejudices (plus I really stanfor him and his designs), should not be erased. And everyone including John Galliano should be given a second chance.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hi my name is Korede George. I'm an 18 yr old Nigerian boy/man. This blog has been running for a long time with up to 200 'fake' or 'copied' posts from other websites/blogs. Its not my fault,i was about 15 when i started this blog and all i wanted was to be a part of something not that i had a passion  for blogging. I was really naive (LOL!). I used to post about celebrity gossip and pop culture because i was (and still) in love with pop culture. I knew,well, ALOT of things going on in pop culture and i was only 15 living in one of the most remote parts of the world. I was really obsessed about pop culture that in my spare time when most of my friends argued about soccer and food (LOL), all i would think of is how perfectly choreographed Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video was, how many awards Lady Gaga was gonna win in an award show, how amazing Angelina Jolie is, how much i hated Rihanna (mind you this was back when i was 15) and all. I was in a private Christian boarding school with no form of entetainment (music, t.v,movies), pop culture was my only escape, my only form of freedom from that hell-hole. My friends knew a little about pop culture,so, i would often spark arguments about who's a better singer between Beyonce and Rihanna(obviously Beyonce shits on Rihanna vocally), who can dance better Chris Brown or Usher, what movie we would want to watch when we go on holidays. I remember this 'SONG BOOK' that was being sold here in Nigeria (i dont know if they still sell it because i could just check up song lyrics on my smart phone 'duh'). It's a book containing song lyrics amd all. It was very popular in my school because you could learn the lyrics of your favourte songs and you and your friends could sing along to it. I never owned one so i had to wait my turn so i could read it. This might be a awkward  but anytime its my turn to get the book, i was always excited like it was some front row ticket to a Roberto Cavalli show. I cherished them and i always handle with care which was odd because all my other notes for school were tattered and dirty. That shows how much i loved reading them because i felt i was able to connect to the artist through the lyrics and its way more fun when you know the lyrics to your favourite songs.