Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hi my name is Korede George. I'm an 18 yr old Nigerian boy/man. This blog has been running for a long time with up to 200 'fake' or 'copied' posts from other websites/blogs. Its not my fault,i was about 15 when i started this blog and all i wanted was to be a part of something not that i had a passion  for blogging. I was really naive (LOL!). I used to post about celebrity gossip and pop culture because i was (and still) in love with pop culture. I knew,well, ALOT of things going on in pop culture and i was only 15 living in one of the most remote parts of the world. I was really obsessed about pop culture that in my spare time when most of my friends argued about soccer and food (LOL), all i would think of is how perfectly choreographed Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video was, how many awards Lady Gaga was gonna win in an award show, how amazing Angelina Jolie is, how much i hated Rihanna (mind you this was back when i was 15) and all. I was in a private Christian boarding school with no form of entetainment (music, t.v,movies), pop culture was my only escape, my only form of freedom from that hell-hole. My friends knew a little about pop culture,so, i would often spark arguments about who's a better singer between Beyonce and Rihanna(obviously Beyonce shits on Rihanna vocally), who can dance better Chris Brown or Usher, what movie we would want to watch when we go on holidays. I remember this 'SONG BOOK' that was being sold here in Nigeria (i dont know if they still sell it because i could just check up song lyrics on my smart phone 'duh'). It's a book containing song lyrics amd all. It was very popular in my school because you could learn the lyrics of your favourte songs and you and your friends could sing along to it. I never owned one so i had to wait my turn so i could read it. This might be a awkward  but anytime its my turn to get the book, i was always excited like it was some front row ticket to a Roberto Cavalli show. I cherished them and i always handle with care which was odd because all my other notes for school were tattered and dirty. That shows how much i loved reading them because i felt i was able to connect to the artist through the lyrics and its way more fun when you know the lyrics to your favourite songs.